Starting from January 1, 2018 KAUSTIK is to raise the sale prices for magnesium hydroxide by 10%.

Hereby we inform all our current and potential customers, that from January 1, 2018 we are increasing the sale prices of synthetic magnesium hydroxide for Russian and foreign markets due to the significant increase of the manufacturing costs as a subsequent result of the price increase of each of the raw materials, energy in addition to the transportation tariffs, which all have resulted in an inevitable raise of the magnesium hydroxide production costs during the current year.

Furthermore, the planned raise of sale prices is attributed to the growing need for investment in logistics and service solutions including the necessary expansion of the official representatives’ network and warehousing infrastructure all over the world to meet the clients’ expectations.

For the sake of reassurance, it is so important to inform you that Kaustik highlights the fact that all contracts concluded before January 1, 2018 will remain unchanged.